Sunday, January 4, 2015

Creativity in the Kitchen

I'm not a musician.  I can't draw or paint.  I tried to learn how to knit once but my dog didn't like the scarf and I couldn't get past enough rows to make it longer for a human to wear.  My creative side is sated in the kitchen through mixing flavors, textures and colors that hopefully put a smile on someone's face after that first bite.

Like most cooks, my learning is mostly through trial and error.  When I eat something in a restaurant that is wonderful, I try to replicate it at home.  My family is patient with me as I retry those same dishes until I get it right, or as close to right as I'm going to come.  They usually don't mind my cooking, but every one of them can name something that didn't come out quite right.  I get the typical sneers and the "eww" response when they ask what I'm cooking and it's not on the top of the list of their favorites.  I'd say I love to to cook what they like, but the truth is that I really just cook what I like.  Hence, the name of this blog-- Wine and Garlic With Everything.  In general, if you can't add garlic and a nice glass of wine, it's really not worth cooking.

Despite our hectic schedules, we eat dinner at our table together as a family most nights.  I'll save the story behind the table and the quote above it for another future post.  Over the years, the food has evolved as I've learned to adjust my cooking to meet the changing dietary needs of certain family members.  I've also become more sophisticated in my knowledge of healthy fats, carbs and sugars. For most recipes that I post, I'll attempt to make some notes about dairy-free, low sugar or gluten free alternatives as appropriate.

My son wants me to open a restaurant.  I try to tell him that I already have a more than full-time job. My girls, now young women, want me to write down my recipes.  So this blog is an attempt to put some recipes out there, get some feedback and eventually, publish my own cookbook.  I'll take the next year or so to record the recipes that are only in my head, snap a few pictures of the dishes and blog my various, and sometimes, random thoughts about food, cooking, eating and drinking, or whatever is on my mind at the time.

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